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At ConstructHeadhunting, we Hand-Pick our Client - Partnerships, fully vetting our Clients, just as thorough as we do our Candidates. Our Partners offer Rich Wage and Benefits Packages, a Great Culture, Good Tenure, and Financially Stable Organizations.   

We disrupt the traditional contingent recruitment model, as We Establish a True Collaborative Approach with our clients Acting as Trusted Advisors.  We work with Construction Service Providers on an Exclusive Search Basis, we have 100% Exclusivity to fill the position. 


We understand the DNA of our Clients Businesses and the roles different specializations must play, Giving Us An Advantage when it comes to finding talent that fits. We really get to know our clients, gaining insight into their business, culture and people-related challenges in order to Find the Optimum Solution.

We promote the most accurate representation of your business, we get to know your team well enough to find new recruits that compliment your existing structure - Lowering Staff Churn, Boosting Retention, and Streamlining the Process from recruitment through to onboarding and beyond.

Retained search is more exclusive in every sense of the word; it shows candidates that the company is meticulous about hiring the best talent possible, utilizing an Expert Headhunter to do so. 

Our Contingency Search might find the right candidate, our Retained search, Definitely Will. When it comes to Retained Searches, we dedicate and schedule our time, Working the Phones Exclusively for your the search.

We go Beyond the First Day of work with your employees to increase satisfaction, reduce turnover and ultimately providing you with valuable data and actionable insights.

We offer Local, Regional, and National Search Options across the United States

*Our replacement warranty is conteingent upon the client having the fee in accordance with the net terms of this contract.


Contingency Search

Our Contingency Search fees are 20% of the 1st year’s base salary.​ Working the Phones dedicate to your search is not guaranteed. 
We offer a 90-Day Replacement Warranty.*

Retainer Search

Our Retainer Search fees are 18% of the 1st year’s base salary. We dedicate working the phones. We offer a 180 Day-Replacement Warranty.* 1/3 of the fee is due upfront.

Retainer Search

Our Regional Retainer Search fees are 25% of the 1st year’s base salary.​We dedicate working the phonesWe offer a 90-Day Replacement Warranty.*

Retainer Search

Our National Retainer Search fees are 30% of the 1st year’s base salary. We dedicate working the phones. We offer a 180 Day-Replacement Warranty.* 1/3 of the fee is due upfront.

Thank you for considering ConstructHeadhunting, where we've honed the craft of recruitment since 1996. We're eager to learn more about your company and the positions you're looking to fill.

Let's arrange a call and delve into how ConstructHeadhunting can revolutionize your recruitment strategy.

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