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Employers Can Simpy ~ Leave The Hunting To Us


Companies’ today are posting and praying, settling for what lands in their lap with candidates “On The Market At The Moment" not Top Talent.  We do not run ads, companies’ everyday partner with agencies that runs an ad, competing for on the market at the moment candidates.


We offer affordable rates and feel companies whom treat their employees well coupled with a Competitive Benefits Package Deserve Top Talent - Don’t keep settling!  We deliver Top Talent that meets all the criteria set forth in a timely manner.  

How were truly different, we require detailed insight into your organizations benefits, competitiveness within the marketplace, why should Top Talent come join your team?  We establish a sales pitch to sell your organization to Top Talent.  We establish who your competition is to target and most importantly whom to stay clear of.

We couple old school Headhunting skills of Working the Phones over emails, coupled with AI State of the Art technologies along with the latest contact technology.



Why do we publish Our Fees?

Full Transparency that is why,  we feel All our clients should be offered the same affordable rates regardless of size or volume.  

Our Fees come with a 90-day Replacement Guarantee, our fees are continence-based fees, we in essence Work For Free on your needs & a fee is due when you hire our Top Talent.

Tier 1:  Our Base Fees are 20% of the 1st year’s total annual salary.

Tier 2:  Our Exclusive Fees are a Discounted fee of 18% of the 1st year’s total annual salary. Exclusive fees are a search we have 100% Exclusivity to fill.

Tier 3:  Our Exclusive Retainer Deeply Discounted fees are 16% of the 1st year’s total annual salary.  Exclusive Retainer fees are a search we have 100% Exclusivity to fill and ½ of the anticipated fee is due up front.

Have several needs, we offer a flat fee rate for volume.

Concrete Construction
Geotechnical - Environmental Remediation 

Most of Construction Headhunting candidates are deeply entrenched in their organizations when they are approached by one of our Headhunters to discuss the possibility of exploring a new opportunity.


We take great pride in our professional & confidential approach when it comes to your job search. All conversation and shared information is kept in strictest confidentiality.

Our Headhunters do an extremely effective job of outlining viable career options and answering any questions you may have.

Contact us today to see if we can assist with your next career move.


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 203-900-HUNT or fill out the following form

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